Narendra Modi leads, BJP follows: Shiv Sena on toilet remark

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latest Mumbai: The Shiv Sena on Saturday said that Narendra Modi's "toilets first, temples later" remark show that the BJP is not in touch with the views of it's prime ministerial candidate. 

"Modi had to face flak on the toilet remarks. He said 'Jai Jairam' instead of 'Jai Shri Ram' which led to running around in BJP. The lesson to be learnt from this episode is that now not even the BJP knows what stance he takes," Sena's mouthpiece Saamana said here. 

"The picture is that of Modi leading and BJP following. What can we say. All should participate in the toilet building work. As for the temple building work, we will see later," it said. 

"Through the 'toilets first, temples later' remark, Modi put forth a courageous thought. It is surprising that Congress attacked him for that. 

"In fact, Modi is saying what Jairam Ramesh said earlier...So, Congress should appoint Modi as a brand ambassador for the toilet project and give a big amount as remuneration to BJP," the editorial said. 

"Earlier, when Ramesh put forth the views, BJP, VHP and the Sangh parivar criticised him. Now, BJP leaders are defending Modi. 

The editorial further said that if Modi and Ramesh also announce building schools and public facilities on the lands where illegal mosques and madrasas have been built, it will be a true mantra of secularism. 

"Build toilets first and temples later," Modi had said at a function organised for the youths on October 2. Modi had said he dared to say so even though his image as a Hindutva leader did not allow him.

Uddhav had recently welcomed Modi's elevation as prime ministerial candidate of the BJP, saying that after 'samudra manthan' (ocean churning), the nectar had emerged.

"Under the present circumstances, if the Congress could be defeated and Hindutva could be promoted, with the country's reins going in the hands of Modi, the Shiv Sena would wholeheartedly welcome it," Uddhav had said.